Shahruz Shaukat

Future soup mogul
creative technologist
media executive
full-stack engineer
product designer

2019 →
Fancy Soups
Partner / Co-founder
Building the definitive soup company for my generation. Deliveries of our original chef-designed soups begin next year. Leading up to our launch we're investing in creators and projects that can raise the profile of soups in pop culture and entertainment.
2015 - 2018
Super Deluxe
CTO / Co-founder
Work: Created and led team that developed new real-time interactive TV tech for Live Super Deluxe (the LA Times said it "shaped the future of TV"). Scouted, hired, and led creative collaborations with Vic Berger, Seinfeld2000, Poppy, Joanne the Scammer, Miquela and more. Managed a team creating web art and digital products including Drake and Rihanna, Punch-a-Nazi, DankLand (#1 Messenger bot, over 4m users in 1 week), and Scamoji (Debuted #1 paid app in the US).
Side projects
Produced a 12-hour live show for XOXO 2018, built a bot to memorialize a favorite writer: Retwittels (r.i.p.), co-produced and co-hosted a interactive theater experiment called 0829.LA (apologies to the Los Feliz 3), built tech for The Comedy Bureau (now the #1 map for comedians looking for spots in LA).
2013 - 2015
Product Design & Engineering
Work: Lead product for BuzzFeed Video for iOS & Android, prototyped and shipped experimental projects like (r.i.p.), and developed internal data and production tools.
Sketch Toolbox
Created the first plugin manager and directory for Sketch. Over 25k users, used by design teams at BuzzFeed, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Etsy, and more. Open source.
Seinfeld Emoji
Collaborated w/ Seinfeld2000 and Kevin McCauley to create the first Seinfeld Emoji app. Debuted as the #15 free app in the US. Jerry Seinfeld called the Barack Obama emoji "cute."
2012 - 2013
Built overnight after leaving Earwolf. Now over half a million monthly unique users. (Look out for a refresh coming soon!)
Co-created and lead product design on a platform for enabling digital magazine publishers and independent writers to sell subscriptions to their content via native iOS, Android, and web apps. Funded in part by Launchpad LA.
Side projects
Co-created fun entertainment projects with comedians including Call Chelsea Peretti, NTSF:SD:SUV:: HISS w/ Paul Scheer, Adult Cat Finder, Harmontown, and Feral Audio.
2010 - 2012
Director of Technology / 1st employee
Work: Lead creative technology and product efforts including, Eardrop, Earwolf Live, and occasionally appeared on The Wolf Den to talk about it.
Press for projects in: BBC, BuzzFeed, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, LA Times, Pitchfork, Fader, Complex, Rolling Stone, Refinery29, The Verge, Polygon, Daily Dot, Vice, Gizmodo, Engadget, Lifehacker, NYMag, TMZ, Mashable, The Next Web, etc.

Proud monthly donor to Donors Choose, the ACLU, EFF, CPJ, and a few Patreons.